Jardin en Fleurs Sparkling Brut - Vouvray/Loire Valley, France

Jardin en Fleurs, or Garden in Bloom, refers to the nickname of the Loire Valley - “the garden of France,” due to the abundance of vineyards and fruit orchards along the eponymous river.The soft tuffeau limestone of Vouvray produces fresh and supple Chenin Blanc, the only grape permitted to be used in this region for still and sparkling wines. Sparkling Vouvray is made using méthode traditionelle, in the same manner as Champagne. It is the ultimate entertaining wine. Soft and approachable, with fresh fruit aromas of pears and white flowers, it is certainly a crowd pleaser. This Vouvray should be served chilled, and while it can be enjoyed on its own, Jardin en Fleurs Demi Sec pairs well with a number of diverse dishes, including shellfish and whitefish, pork, duck, and spicy cuisines. 100% Chenin Blanc.

Technical Sheet for Brut Vouvray

Shelftalker for Sparkling Vouvray

Shelftalker for Brut Vouvray

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