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Solitude Chardonnay - Carneros/Napa Valley

Label Solitude

Type of Wine Chardonnay

Country California/United States

Country Region Carneros - Napa Valley






This wine is a crisp and refreshing Chardonnay with a California winemaking expression, and similar of the elegant French Burgundian Chardonnays. The vintage exemplifies the style of wine we strive to achieve at SOLITUDE. The acidity is lively and balanced, with concentrated fruit notes (apples, pears and tropical fruit) prominent above a creamy flavor resulting from malolactic fermentation plus time on the lees. Barrel fermented in French oak barrels adds cinnamon and pleasant toastiness on the palate. The wine finishes with diverse long-lasting smooth flavors. It has excellent balance of fruit with natural acidity from beginning to finish.

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